My name is Jonathan Mates, and I’m a radiologist in Northern California. My training and work in imaging informatics has led me to positions in leadership and an interest in healthcare technology and operations. I like to work where data, technology, workflow, and culture meet.

Why “red goggles”?

Early fluoroscopy produced only dim images, so radiologists had to sit in the dark, adapting their eyes before procedures. This was, of course, a big waste of time. Enter the red goggles. They allow the eyes to adapt while still enabling the wearer to perform other tasks. It’s a solution matching human physiology with the limits of technology, in service to workflow efficiency. It’s also a metaphor for a different viewpoint, and for optimism. And also, you get to feel like Cyclops of the X-men.

This blog is a place where I can share my thoughts about topics that interest me. But I also work as a healthcare consultant, so if you would like to contact me about healthcare technology, operations, public speaking engagements, or anything else, please contact me.